Tech Services

Air Fills

Here at Adventure Sports we can fill just about any compressed air cylinder used for scuba diving, breathing equipment, or for air rifles/paintball. 


Compressed air fill $10.00 up to 3,000 PSI

Compressed air fill $15.00 up to 4,500 PSI


Nitrox up to 40% $15.00

Regulator Service

Annual Service $25.00 per stage plus parts, if regulator is no longer covered by factory parts programs.

General Inspection of regulator set to test for proper functioning is $25.00


Remember most scuba manufactures require regulators to be completely broken down, cleaned and rebuilt every 1 to 3 years depending on brand.  

Cylinder Service

Tank Inspections - (We carry current visual cylinder inspector certifications and are trained by PSI)


Annual Inspection $25.00 (includes air fill)

5 year hydro test $50.00 (includes air fill and annual inspection) Turn around time is usually 2 weeks.


Cleaning of air cylinder to use Nitrox up to 40%    $30.00

Underwater Search & Recovery

$100.00 for the first hour to unload, gear up, and survey area.  


$100 to $200.00 an hour after first hour. Depending on visiblilty and size.


First 100 miles on us, 25 cents a mile after that. Mileage is charged atround trip  


No Job too Big or Too small.


If it's underwater and not supposed to be... we will get it out.

BCD & Drysuit Service

Holes and leaks annoying you on your dives? Bring them on by and we will give you a price quote. We can replace neck and cuff seals, valves and install pee valves.

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